Thank you SRT.

India v CA Chairman's XI - Day 2

It is so easy to take it for granted, growing up most of my life watching him play. Where would he ever go!

24 years of expectations, memories, and joy. I feel numb when the thought dawns on me, that its all going to be over.

Growing up in the 90’s in India, every kid I knew wanted to be like Sachin. I wasnt any different. For hours I would stand in front of the mirror practicing my straight drive, adjusting it along the way so it looked like Sachin’s straight drive. Getting hold of the same bat Sachin would use etc. He was the symbol of excellence, a great example for any kid growing up.

In a country divided by so many things, we were united by Sachin. The whole nation stopped, watched and anticipated, when the little master took guard. He gave us a reason to smile.

More than the thousands of runs he’s scored, more than hundreds of records he holds, Sachin Tendulkar is epitome of hope. The hope that a kid could come from nowhere and conquer the world.

India’s claim to fame, Sachin Tendulkar. Thank you for the memories.

– Your proud fan.

In Moyes We Trust.


For all those frustrated with the lack of summer signings at United, we really need to get a little more perspective.

1. Fellaini gives us the much needed physical presence in midfield, which we haven’t had for a long long time. He also gives us goals from set pieces, a great header of the ball. And he’s a tried and tested Premiership player, unlike many of the signings our rivals have made.

2. We forget we also signed Zaha at the start of this season. His pace and trickery is bound to get us out of our seats! Fantastic preseason shows that, waiting to be unleashed.

3. For all those wanting us to sign a creative Fabregas kind of midfielder, we forget that we have a 20 assist a season player in Kagawa, who hasn’t played this season as yet. We also have Adnan, and with United tradition, he will be given chances this season. Isn’t this what makes us different from the garbage clubs out there?

4. And we forget that the biggest signing we made (figuratively) is Wayne Rooney. Him staying is a massive boost. We all know what he can do.

So let’s keep the faith in Moyes and the management.

We are champions, and that’s for a reason. We don’t buy the championship, we build teams.

State of Indian Cricket: MS Dhoni


Its been a week since the news broke out. Amarnath and the gang of selectors wanted to get rid of Dhoni as Test captain. Their Reason: Poor performance.

This decision was over-turned by the President of the BCCI, Mr Srinivas. And controversy followed.

Now lets take a step back, and see how Dhoni has done in Test Cricket. I’d rate him on 3 major criteria:

1. Captaincy: 

He’s proven to be the most successful test captain Indian cricket has ever seen. I dug up some stats, and looked at the best win %’s of all Indian test captains who’ve captained the team 5 or more times. The results did shock me, atleast where L. Amarnath (Jimmy’s dad) stood in the list.


2. Wicket keeping performance:

Dhoni is the most successful test Indian keeper. #Fact. He has the highest dismissals per innings of any previous Indian keeper, as well as the most amount of dismissals.


3. Batting performance:

Dhoni’s Test batting average is 38. Again, the most in history of all Indian keepers. Kirmani was 27, Farooq Engineer was 31, Nayan Mongia 24 and Kiran More 25.

Yet, there are calls for his head.

Indian cricket has had great captains in the past. But we’ve never had a leader of Dhoni’s class. And its about time we create a structure to support his vision for Indian cricket.

Leaders are not judged by bad results in 2 series. They are judged by character, vision and of course stats. And Dhoni has it all!


4 Years:

I reached Hyderabad 4 years back with butterflies in my tummy. I was sure, this is what I wanted to do. I was never so sure about anything in my past.

4 years to the day, walking in to the beautiful Hyderabad office, full of colorful people, this was no ordinary job, it was soon going to become a way of being.

My first day – 28th July. I walk in and meet two people who had their first day as well. Mir Rahmat Quadri and Sachin Jain. Continue Reading